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I remembered you #6

We all struggle with love and everything related to it. Each person has a different concept of what love is and a lot of times the suffering we put ourselves in is caused by what we expect love to be. “I remembered you” (from Portuguese “Lembrei de você”) is a series of one-page stories from a very introspective week back in 2013. I was feeling a little hopeless and frustrated after years of problematic, unresolved or failed relationships. So I started remembering each and every person I had loved or been in love with (masochist much?) and started writing what came to my mind. I soon noticed that was my way of doing therapy, realizing we can all learn with good and bad things and even be thankful for them. Read the first story below.


Hope you like it! Stay tuned for the upcoming ones!

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Pedro Relationship Tom

#93- Spring!

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