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Pre-order your Out&About collection to be released April 3rd!

The booklet contains 48 strips and a preview of the graphic novel is included!

The booklet has colored cover/back cover, black and white pages and has a total 56 pages of pure LGBTQ characters comics strip fun!
Price: U$15 (shipping included to US residents (except Hawai and Alaska- shipping to be determined)! Pre-orders directly via email and payment via paypal! Send me an email at to order your signed copy! By buying a copy you don’t only make a comics creator happy, but you help the project to keep going!

If you want to support with a little money you can buy me a coffee on the button on the sidebar or pledge $1 on PATREON! Please help the project keep going by sharing, becoming a patron ( and voting for Out&About on TopWebComics (!

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Out & About’s website is here! :)


Hello English speaking friends from everywhere!

My name is Kris and I’m really excited to present you Out&About, my comics project that I started more than 3 years ago. It tells through comics strips the story of Kevin and his friends: Harry, Ana, Pedro, Thomas, Mary, Juana, Gabriel, Susan and Alex. I’m a Colorado based Brazilian artist and Out&About started in Brazil under the name Torta de Climão, where it became a book in November 2015. After many months of analyzing, studying, translating and adapting, the first strips are here in English for you! I hope you like it!

Scroll down and check out the characters on the side bar. There is also space for you, fellow comics artists and LGBT blog writers, to have a banner on the website’s side bar. Just send me a message and we can have a crossed ad on each other’s website and support each other. If you have a LGBT-oriented/friendly business, you can be a partner and advertise. There is more information on the top menu, take a look there!

Please support my project liking the facebook page, sharing the strips and recommending it to friends! I’d really appreciate your help! Have fun reading and stay tuned to new strips every Monday, Wednesday and Friday! :)