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#81 – The bus of life

A brand new and longer strip. This was created for the Matthew Shepard Foundation because December is Mental Health Awareness month. This is a metaphor I learned in therapy that helped me a lot to deal with my anxiety. I hope it helps you too somehow if you also suffer from that.

Do you want to share your experience with anxiety or other mental health issues?

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#78- National Coming Out Day – meet Riley!

Today is National Coming Out Day! Let us all remember the importance of being proud of who we are! Even though some people don’t necessarily have to “come out” anymore because times have been changing, for a lot of people around the world being LGBTQIA is still something society feels they should feel ashamed of or it is even life threatening. For those of us who live out and proud, let’s support whoever is going through difficulties in life for being LGBTQIA and try to give the example that it can be a happy and dignified life! Love always wins!


To celebrate National Coming Out Day, there’s a new character for the Out&About series. This is Riley, a bisexual person and agender. Riley prefers if you use the pronoun “they” when you refer to them, instead of “he” or “she”, because they don’t identify either as man nor a woman. In fact, Riley’s genderqueerness does not fit in the binary gender system. Besides that, they are a human being going through life with difficulties, challenges and joyful moments, just like you!

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Anyone from Los Angeles and surrounding area? I’ll be giving a talk at Harvey Mudd College: Cartooning for Queerness – Wednesday 10/12, 12:15 pm! It’s open for everyone! RSVP here: COME! :)

I will talk about my experience in creating comics for the LGBTQ demographic in my country, the difficulties in making comics that are appealing, funny and informative at the same time, how to work (or not) with stereotypes without limiting character’s personalities, how to be inclusive in creating realistic characters, and the balance between representation in my comics and artistic autonomy. In the and I will also present a brand new project I have been working on for the past few months!

See you there!